Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Atomika 8030C is a commercial TXRF spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of liquids and qualitative analysis of particulate samples. Sample loading may be automated (up to 70 reflectors). Mo-Kα, W-Lα and –Lβ or bremsstrahlung with 32 and 35 keV from a 2.5kW Mo-W X-ray tube can be used for excitation. The high-energy bremsstrahlung photons allow measuring higher-Z-elements via their K-lines (e.g. Cd). Detection limits for medium Z elements are in pg range (µg/L).


  • TXRF setup
  • Sample preparation
  • Internal standards
  • Measurements in various environmental conditions (air/helium)
  • Quantification software




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  • Liquid samples (e.g. biological, environmental)
  • Particulate matter samples (e.g. aerosols)