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Imaging Radiotracers

Imaging Radiotracers provide ready-to-use radiolabelled molecules for PET and/or SPECT diagnostics. It comprises of radionuclide production (cyclotron, generators), medicinal radiochemistry (automation, µ-fluidics), quality control as well as documentation thereof.


  • Medical Cyclotron (16.5MeV protons; GE Healthcare)
  • 4 Hot Cells (von-Gahlen & Comecer) – 2 of them with laminar air flow
  • several lead shielded fume hoods
  • multiple Radiosynthesizers: FASTlab, TRACERlab Fx C Pro, TRACERlab FxFN (all GE Healthcare); Synchrom R&D (Raytest); GRP+ (Scintomics); Nanotek (Advion); PharmTracer (EZAG)
  • 7 HPLC systems (Agilent; Merck-Hitachi)
  • 3 TLC scanner (Canberra Packard; Raytest)
  • Gamma counter wizard² (Perkin Elmer)
  • pH Meter (PTW)
  • Osmometer (Wescor)
  • Endotoxine tester (Charles Rivers)


  • Wolfgang Wadsak
  • Harald Eidherr
  • Christina Rami-Mark
  • Sarah Pfaff
  • Cécile Philippe
  • Lukas Nics
  • Neydher Berroterán
  • Andreas Krcal
  • Thomas Zenz



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  • 18F-labelled PET tracers
  • 11C-labelled PET tracers
  • 68Ga-labelled PET tracers
  • 99mTc-labelled SPECT tracers