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Micro X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Micro X-ray
Micro-XRF performs qualitative analysis of solid samples. Spatially resolved measurements in air or vacuum with confocal (3D) and non-confocal (2D) setup result in elemental maps. Rh (20W) or Mo (50W) X-ray tubes are used to optimize excitation of low-, medium- and high-Z elements. Fluorescence signal is detected using Si(Li) detector. Range of detected elements – from U down to Mg or Na. Scans can be performed with spatial resolution in range of 50µm to obtain 2/3D images, nondestructively.


  • Micro-XRF setup
  • Sample excitation with two different interchangeable X-ray tubes
  • Light microscope to identify the areas of interest
  • Confocal and non-confocal setup
  • Vacuum conditions possible
  • Spectra deconvolution software
  • Elemental mapping software




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  • Any kinds of solid samples with flat surface, e.g. tissue cuts, pellets, filters