Single Molecule Microscopy on Cells

Single molecule tracking allows for determination of diffusion coefficients, quantification of anomalous subdiffusion, identification of different types of mobility, and quantification of protein oligomerization.
Superresolution Microscopy
(PALM/STORM) is a fluorescence microscopy technique, which allows for imaging fixed or live cells at a resolution only limited by the precision for localizing individual molecules (typically ~20nm).


  • Custom-built Single Molecule Microscopy Systems, which allow for
  • TIR (Total Internal Reflection) excitation,
  • high speed tracking (submilliseconds time resolution),
  • multi-colour microscopy, superresolution microscopy (PALM, STORM),
  • single molecule FRET.
  • All systems are equipped with EM-CCDs.
  • S2 Cell Culture




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  • protein distributions in live or fixed cells
  • Single molecule dynamics