VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH (VRVis)

VRVis is Austria's leading research company in the field of Visual Computing. Research and development of the Biomedical Visualization Group is focussed on highly efficient methods for biomedical image analysis for biomedical experts and life scientists.


  • Expertise in Building Customized Pipelines for Biomedical Image Analysis:
    • Image Processing / Noise Reduction
    • Image Registration
    • Data Integration and Fusion (also with external data resources)
    • Feature Extraction and Image Segmentation
    • Machine Learning
    • Biomedical Image Data Management (PACS and Customized)
  • Selection of Specific Solutions: Blood Vessel Segmentation, Bone Analysis, (Multi-Modal) Analysis, Segmentation and Visualization of MR, CT, MRSpectroscopy, PET, Confocal Microscopy, (micro) fMRI Data. Visualization and Analysis of Flow.
  • Complete Frameworks:
    • Brain* is a complete Framework for Managing, Exploring, Mining and Analysing neural structures of the fruit fly based on a large collection of confocal microscopy images
    • MITK Solution for Visualizing and Exploring MR, PET-CT and MR Spectroscopydata
    • SimVis a tool for Visualizing and Exploring spatio-temporal multi-parametric (image) data
    • Access to Professional Radiology Software via our Company Partner




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  • Image Segmentation and Quantification
  • Semantic Image Annotation and Quantification
  • Data Visualization
  • Image Data Fusion
  • Interactive Visual Analysis of Multi-Modal Image Data
  • Building of Complex Pipelines for the Analysis of Multi-Modal Data