Ultra high field MRI

Ultrag high field MRIg
On site small animal imaging using state of the art 15.2 T MRI Bruker system. Versatile applications for neuro and body MRI. Anatomical, functional and quantitative imaging of various physiological and pathological processes. The gradient bore size (~40 mm diameter) is perfectly suited for imaging mice or smaller organisms.


  • 15.2 T Bruker Biospec
  • High performance BGA-S gradients
  • 22mm and 4-channel array head RF coils
  • 35mm and 4-channel array RF coils
  • 35 mm dual tune 1H/19F RF coil




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  • Brain and body MRI
  • Mn2+ enhanced MRI
  • 1H and 19F spectroscopy
  • Cell labeling and tracking
  • 3D data visualization