Quantitative Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1T

Quantitative PET and MR
PET is a functional imaging modality at molecular level and provides valuable insights into biochemical processes in-vivo. Biologically active compounds are radiolabelled, administered into subjects and images are acquired. Together with MRI, which adds anatomical information, novel insights into disease progression are possible.


  • microPET (Focus 220)
  • 1T MRI (Bruker ICON) (Mouse body/head coil; rat body/head coil)
  • Radiochemistry Lab (access to cyclotron; radionuclides: 18F, 11C, 68Ga and 124I)
  • Radiometabolite Lab
  • Cell culture Lab
  • Gamma Counter, Phosphor Imager, Cryomicrotom




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  • Drug development
  • Study disease progression
  • Monitor therapy response
  • Assess drug-drug interactions