Large animal CT and MR imaging

The onsite 1.5T MR and 16slice CT units permit in vivo whole body imaging of dogs, cats and body parts o horses (heads and distal phalanxes). Both units have gantry apertures of 70 cm in diameter. Tunnel length of the MR unit is 125 cm. Maximal FOV is 450 mm (x- and y-plane) and 350 mm (z-plane). The scan field of the CT unit is 50 cm, minimal collimation is 16 x 0.6 mm.


  • 1.5 MR unit
  • 10 coils
  • 16 slice CT unit (including fluoro-CT)
  • Automatic contrast application pump
  • Long term data storage
  • Syngo Via software for data analysis




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  • in vivo imaging of dogs, cats and horses