In vivo µCT / High Resolution Ex vivo µCT

The vivaCT 75 allows for in vivo 3D imaging with an isotropic resolution of up to 20.5 µm. The maximal sample diameter is 75 mm. The µCT 50 is fitted with a sample changer for up to 12 sample holders. The holders range from Ø2.5 mm with a maximal nominal isotropic resolution of 0.5 µm up to Ø48 mm where 14.8 µm isotropic resolution is possible.


  • Scanco µCT 50
  • Scanco vivaCT 75
  • High-End workstations
  • AMIRA and Definiens XD software for image analysis




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  • Bone measurements
  • In vivo imaging
  • Perfused blood vessels