Ex vivo µCT

Ex vivo microCT
Microscopic x-ray computed tomography (microCT) gives isotropic 3D images of mineralized and soft tissues of ex vivo samples with a diameter ranging from 1 to 50 mm. In addition to equipment for microCT scanning we provide protocols for sample preparation and offer extensive support in sample preparation and analysis of tomographic image data.


  • XRadia MicroXCT-400 scanner
  • Scanco µCT35 scanner
  • High end workstations
  • Short term data storage
  • Data transfer infrastructure
  • Amira software for 3D analysis and visualization




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  • bone phenotying in laboratory rodent models
  • quantification of tumor volume in laboratory rodent models
  • imaging of vertebrates and invertebrates for comparative and functional morphological analyses
  • imaging of clinical veterinary samples (tumors, orthopedic samples)
  • imaging of TEM embedded samples