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PBD_01: Intestine pathologies

Endoscopic OCT

Established for - patients: In vivo imaging of wall architecture & pathologies of intestine and blood vessels
PBD_02: Optical biopsy & Cancer profiling

Quantitativ Multimodal OCT & Doppler OCT

Established for - patients: Optical biopsy of skin, retina & similar tissues, label free angiography and blood flow characterisation, molecular imaging by nonlinear optical microscopy (Raman, CARS, MPM, SHG)
PBD_03: Blood flow analysis

Photoacoustic Imaging

Established for - patients: In vivo imaging of blood vessel architecture & blood flow, molecular imaging by spectoscopic photoacoustic imaging
PBD_04: Photoacoustic and Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography

Photoacoustic Tomography

Established for - patients: Non-invasive imaging of skin vasculature
PBD_05: Skin pathologies

Opical coherence tomography

Confocal Microscopy / Conventional Histology

Next Generation Sequencing / Mass Spectrometry

Established for - patients: In vivo - ex vivo imaging of skin architecture & components
PBD_06: Nerve gliding, Angiosomes, et al.

Body Donor Imaging

Macroscopic Disscetion / Experimental Marker Application, etc.

Body donor imaging

High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

Established for - body donors: Ex vivo imaging of US & X-ray marker movement, vascular perfusion & injections evaluated by dissection & imaging of macro & micro morphology