The Austrian BioImaging Industry Board (ABIB) was established to bring together all relevant Austrian stakeholders involved or interested in imaging and image processing in Austria, and to foster their exchange. With the foundation of the ABIB, BioImaging Austria/CMI can provide a platform for concerted and coordinated efforts and information exchange between life scientists, imaging scientists, computer experts, and industry. This will drive innovation and establish a direct dialogue between industry and academia.

The integration of the ABIB into Austrian BioImaging/CMI facilitates joint activities and expedites the main ABIB missions:

  • Strengthening the imaging industry/research in Austria & Europe
  • Providing a platform for collaborations between science & industry
  • Strengthening the communication between industry and users & imaging facilities
  • Initiating joint training activities and workshops
  • Facilitating method/technology transfer & development
  • Providing data & instrument access for companies at research sites and vice versa
  • Increasing the visibility of imaging industry and science in Austria & Europe
  • Networking and concerted communication with political stakeholders
  • Providing a platform for joint grant proposals

ABIB is inviting all other Austrian/European companies and start-ups involved in imaging or image processing to join. If interested, please contact the ABIB president Bodo Falke, vice-president Alain Pitiot or CMI director Andreas Walter.



Carl Zeiss GmbH

Contextflow GmbH

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Ilixa GmbH

Leica Mikrosysteme

ImageBiopsy Lab GmbH

Nikon CEE GmbH

Nexperion e.U.

OLYMPUS Austria GmbH


Thermo Fisher Scientific - Amira

piur imaging GmbH

Thermo Fisher Scientific – FEI Deutschland GmbH


TissueGnostics GmbH

KML Vision GmbH